Name: Nadia J. Trammell

Age: 38

Years as a Prince fan: 33

First album: 1999

Favorite album: Sign ‘O’ the Times

Current jam: AnotherLove

Nadia is a singer who has always had a passion for music. She claimed the first chair position as an alto saxophonist until high school graduation then became the lead singer of the Alternative/Rock/R&B band, Rare Blends, in college. After picking up the guitar in her 20s and purchasing a Triton keyboard, Nadia started recording her own music.

Creating my own music made me respect, admire, and be in awe of Prince that much more because I know the hard work and dedication he put into mastering his craft. -Nadia

As a child, Nadia’s parents exposed her to various types of music, and she often lost herself in their record collection. Her parents would sometimes play 1999 and Purple Rain as part of their house party compilation. When Nadia saw the Purple Rain film at age 7, she instantly claimed those records as her own. The first Prince album she purchased with her personal funds was Around the World in a Day.

ATWIAD, Parade, and Sign ‘O’ the Times were albums that would transport me to different worlds. Listening to those albums at a young age, I believe, is the reason why now I mostly connect to music that paints a visual picture. -Nadia

Barbie play dates with her younger sister were always set to Prince’s music, such as the Parade album. During one such instance, Nadia’s mom heard the younger sister singing, “springtime only reminds me of Tracy’s TITS,” and scolded her for singing such inappropriate lyrics. Nadia explained that the true lyrics were “Tracy’s tears,” but is still astonished to this day that those were the only explicit lyrics her mom picked up on or intentionally made a fuss about.

The ‘Love4OneAnother Charities Tour’ in 1997 was Nadia’s first of many Prince concerts and one of the most memorable. The weekend the tickets went on sale, she drove from her college campus in Richmond, Virginia to her hometown area of Washington D.C. to wait in line at 5:00 am at Ticket Master. During the show, she sat up in a boxed off seating area in the balcony (not the seat she bought tickets for), but nobody ever asked her to move. This area was right next to a ramp that connected to the stage; Prince walked past her several times, almost close enough to touch! After the show, she tested this new found luck and ventured to the back of the venue where the tour buses were parked. She got to look inside the tour bus and received autographs from the band members!

Linn LM-1 Drum Machine, Horns, Lyrics, and that laid back, effortless feel. -Nadia

That’s right, she’s describing “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker,” her all-time favorite Prince track. This song has spoken to me as well and is a favorite among many Prince fans, including The Roots’ drummer, ?uestlove. Nadia loves this masterpiece for the vivid visuals Prince creates with the instrumentation alone, although the beautiful storytelling adds genius to the song as well.

I can see the steam rising from the bath tub and the dim, washed-out yellow/grey lighting in the diner at 1 in the morning. -Nadia

Nadia’s current jam is a much more rock-heavy track from Plectrum Electrum. “AnotherLove” connects to her because of the various meanings it can potentially hold. The popular opinion is that it is a typical story about a relationship gone wrong, but she interprets it as a message to Prince’s fans, record companies, and former band members all rolled into one musical letter. To the fans who beg for the return of 80s Prince, if you don’t like what he’s releasing in the present, find another artist to love! To the record companies who try to mold him into what they require at any given moment, Prince doesn’t need you to release his music, and he’s made that abundantly clear. And to the band members who he used to share everything with, from their clothes to their hair, it’s not his fault if you can’t look beyond the bad things he’s done in the past. His pain seeps through the lyrics and his vocals in an extremely raw manner that speaks to Nadia in a way that no other song currently does.

Behind my back, I’m just a so-and-so, but I’m the greatest living soul you’ll ever know!

Listen to “AnotherLove” via Tidal

Purchase “AnotherLove” and the rest of the Plectrum Electrum album at the Tidal Download Store

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2 thoughts on “Nadia J. Trammell/AnotherLove

  1. I love the interpretation of AnotherLove given at the end. It does make a lot of sense and I now know that whenever I listen to the song, this interpretation will be foremost in my mind. I love the fact that Prince challenges us musically, I hope it continues to gives us music that intrigues us rather than what we might expect. Great read, feel like I have peered into your Purple Soul!


  2. whoah this blkg is wonderful i really like reading your articles.
    Stay up the great work! You already know, lots of persons
    are looking round ffor this info, you can help them greatly.


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