I remember the first time I heard this track. I had loved Janelle Monae’s “Queen,” and I adored the way Joshua remixed it into what is now one of my favorite songs. Prince’s honesty throughout the song is something to be admired and is what makes this track so “real.”

I have a strange feeling we’re all going to be together again one day…we’ll have to see.

The words he speaks are ones that I am able to connect with on a higher level. When he repeatedly says, “I’ll call you; I got your number,” I believe him. We all know Prince doesn’t have a cell phone, so when you want to get a hold of him, you just have to sit back and wait. This sort of interpersonal connection is one that many people have felt through his music, and those of us who continually go to shows at Paisley Park know just how unpredictable Prince is when it comes to interacting with his fans in a casual way.

Last week, I posted on Facebook about how Prince ages so well, and I included two pictures of him from the same angle and with a similar facial expression, one from the Parade era and one from the 20TEN era. One of my non-Prince friends commented “He’s Prince. Immortals never change.” But he’s just a man, an incredible one, but a man nonetheless. Similarly, people always talk about what a huge ego he has and how selfish he is or whatnot. I have personally never found these things to be true, and this song definitely proves otherwise. He’s given us so much as of late and only a fool would complain about any of it.

They turned the lights on and I looked up and, you know, it brings tears to your eyes because, it’s just, you can feel the love in the room, you know? And that means more than money, you know? I could just–I could go on for hours ’cause, I don’t know, I just have fun, and I’m thankful to be alive.

My friends and I have had countless moments like the one he just described. Even at times when Prince isn’t performing, he walks around Paisley and just sees us dancing and having a good time simply because we have the company of one another. That’s what the “Love4OneAnother” room is all about, right? Instances like these have often inspired Prince to re-take the stage and perform just a little bit longer, such as a few months ago. It was about 3 am and there were only a handful of us left in the building (maybe 15-20). “Free Urself” was just released about a week before, and we were dancing to it courtesy of the DJ. Prince saw us having a great time dancing (with the Paisley Park staff as well) and decided to take the stage and play “Free Urself” for at least a half hour. He couldn’t hear us singing the background vocals he needed since there weren’t enough of us to be heard over the band, so he pulled us all up on stage and positioned us in front of his symbol mic. The stage had barely enough room for the band, but we managed to all fit and proceeded to sing to an empty room. It’s just experiences like this that I couldn’t imagine any other musician of Prince’s magnitude offering to their fans. He is truly a humble man.

If you’re one of the purple people, like Prince says, this one is for you.

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2 thoughts on “4 All the Purple People – Prince

  1. Thank you for this little insight…………You are a very lucky person to have been, seen, and heard Prince in such an intimate setting. I can only dream of such a blessing. Peace James


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