Name: Jay “The NightChild” Ashford-Scott

Age: 40

Years as a Prince fan: 26

First album: Batman

Favorite album: Controversy/LoveSexy


Jay is a member of the UK purple army who has worked a variety of different jobs but has finally found inspiration and passion creating NightChild Reviews. It was at age 14 when Prince entered Jay’s life. He was playing in the yard listening to the UK Chart show when “Bat Dance” came on. The opening guitar chords bolted through him and his interest peaked when he heard Prince scream “get the funk up!” One of his mother’s friends allowed Jay to delve into his vast Prince collection and a trip to the local video store to watch “Sign ‘O’ the Times” and “LoveSexy Live” changed his life forever.

Whilst Prince always has a unique sound, he is like Borg from Star Trek in that he assimilates everything. -Jay

Prince’s versatility and adaptability is what keeps Jay listening to new material. Many people constantly want Prince to return to old material or release only certain tracks, but Jay loves hearing everything Prince wants to release. As Prince says in “Fury” from 3121, “Two sides to every story. One man’s gloom is another man’s glory.” Jay agrees with this notion in the sense that a track that one fan may skip every time is another fan’s favorite song on the album.

The most recent live encounter for Jay (of several Prince concerts over the years) was seeing 3rdEyeGirl at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London last year. The show was announced in the middle of the day, and Jay immediately caught a train to London to stand in line for the show. Even though the show was only £10 per person, Prince arranged for all the fans in line to receive hot chocolates.

I was able to get about fifteen feet from the stage, and to see the man I had always admired as a rare genius, just a few feet away, shredding the guitar, singing unbelievable, stunning falsetto, and interacting with his band was one of the greatest nights of my life. -Jay

Having studied Humanities and Philosophy in college, Jay is often fascinated with the continual search for spiritual and philosophical understand that is ever present in our society. This yearning for understanding is very much alive in Prince’s “Anna Stesia” from LoveSexy, making it one of Jay’s favorite tracks of all time.

The section which Prince starts ‘Maybe, maybe I could learn to love’ is possibly the most haunting expression of searching for life’s meaning ever put to record. -Jay

Much like Prince, Jay’s favorite song is usually “the next one,” but he has been stuck on “HARDROCKLOVER” from HitNRun Phase One ever since it was unexpectedly released on SoundCloud. Jay was so moved by the song that he instantly grabbed his camera and posted a review within the hour. This jam encapsulates everything Jay loves Prince for, and his voice swirling and reverberating behind him as Prince emerges from R.E.M. makes the song ever more mesmerizing. Jay loves the story throughout the song and the various feelings Prince conveys throughout the track.

Whenever Prince creates or performs, there is always this nerve-wracking excitement that he can just lift you transcendentally into a place in music which, for a few minutes, you are lifted out of normal, everyday experience into something communal, ethereal, and fully beyond words and concerns. -Jay

Prince sings about making a woman scream, but Jay admits that Prince often makes him scream. “HARDROCKLOVER” reminded Jay that even after 26 years, Prince can still make him feel like a 14-year-old boy, playing in his backyard, and hearing Prince’s music for the first time.

You walked into the party and told me to live up to your dreams. We ’bout to get it started; turn my guitar up, so I can make this woman scream!

Listen to “HARDROCKLOVER” via Tidal

Purchase “HARDROCKLOVER” and the rest of the HitNRun Phase One album at the Tidal Download Store

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