Name: Michael Ware

Age: 27

Years as a Prince fan: 20

First album: Batman

Favorite album: Emancipation

Current jam: Groovy Potential

Michael is a Prince fan from Mississippi who is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. Enlisting in the United States Air Force has given Michael the opportunity to live in many different places but has been unable to attend any Prince concerts up to this point in his life.

As a kid, Michael’s mom had the song “Diamonds and Pearls” in constant rotation for years after the album of the same title was released. Michael agrees that she deserves the credit for introducing him to Prince’s music. A little later in his childhood, Michael had a huge crush on a girl named Diamond. This connection peaked his interest and had him searching for the rest of his mother’s Prince collection.

The evolution of Prince’s music is what leaves Michael in awe. It’s astounding that he is able to keep the same audience engaged for over 30 years while gaining support from new music lovers along the way. This fact alone speaks volumes to his sheer talent and versatility. Much like the evolution of Prince’s music, his fashion sense is constantly transforming. As an actor and board member at his community’s theater, Michael loves changing his look and Prince’s progressive fashion connects with him on a deeper level.

I’ve crossed a lot off of my bucket list and met most of the influential people in my life, but this one has been the hardest to accomplish. -Michael

Michael has yet to experience Prince live but is determined to get to a show one day. While serving in the Air Force, there was a concert in town. Unfortunately, the leadership thought their office potluck was more important than being uplifted by the music of the greatest artist on the planet, and he was unable to attend the show.

Michael’s favorite song of all time is “I Would Die 4 U” from Purple Rain. He views it as a tale of commitment, but loves the rich, biblical message portrayed in the lyrics. On the contrary, Michael’s current jam, “Groovy Potential” from HitNRun Phase Two, is more of a feel-good jam to start your day to.

We all have that ‘Groovy Potential’ in life. -Michael

This song is a testament to our journey through life, on a daily basis, and as a long-term expedition. When the song picks up about a minute in, it becomes the anthem for Michael’s day. He interprets Prince’s message as a reminder that life is here for us to enjoy, so you better get up and enjoy it while you can. Everyone has the choice in every moment to either struggle with obstacles in life or take them as they come.

Another long night or another mystery. Tell me, baby, tell me…what’s it gonna be?

Listen to “Groovy Potential” via Tidal

Purchase “Groovy Potential” and the rest of the HitNRun Phase Two album at the Tidal Download Store

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