Name: Tane Kevin Potaka McManus

Age: 39

Years as a Prince fan: 24

First album: Diamonds and Pearls

Favorite album: Sign ‘O’ the Times

Current jam: Stare

Tane is a secondary school teacher and postage stamp collector (Philatelist) in Auckland, New Zealand with a Master’s Degree in historical archaeology. Growing up in a conservative part of the country made it difficult for Tane to listen to Prince’s music. His family was under the assumption that Prince was homosexual and immoral, and they did everything they could to stop Tane from listening to his music. Once Tane entered the Prince fam community in 2010, it has been easier for him to speak of his love for Prince’s musicianship.

Starting as a Michael Jackson fan, Tane found Prince’s music to be more adventurous in multiple aspects, including the lyrics, instrumentation, and overall production. At age 12, Tane’s parents banned him from purchasing Lovesexy because of the provocative cover art. Experiencing the Cream music video triggered something in Tane that made him truly connect with Prince for the first time. Although he was aware of some of Prince’s bigger hits, it wasn’t until seeing what he describes as “an orgy set to music,” that he became motivated to purchase some of Prince’s music.

My second album purchase in February 1992 was a cassette tape of Purple Rain, and from there I discovered the back catalog. -Tane

Since then, Tane has continuously rediscovered Prince’s music with each album release. Prince’s unpredictability keeps him in anticipation for the next new project. Tane’s addiction to Prince’s sound stems from the infatuation with his consistency in using real instruments to make authentic music that often goes against what critics and the press think he should be doing.

He is so musically talented; he absorbs any new musical trend and [transforms it] into something of his own. -Tane

Although Prince has never performed in New Zealand, Tane spent about a $1,000 to travel to Melbourne, Australia to see a show in 2012. Prince performed a large amount of his hits but also some deeper cuts like “Days of Wild.” During an extended solo for “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man,” Prince noticed Tane dancing, and Tane recalls having Prince wink and wave at him.

Those bambi eyes of his locked with me, and I felt the glow of his majesty. -Tane

The sincerity of “Adore” from Sign ‘O’ the Times puts it at the top of Tane’s list of favorite Prince jams, along with other 80s tracks such as “Electric Intercourse,” “Purple Music,” and “Baby, You’re a Trip.” It is this classic hit sound that draws Tane back to Prince’s music which is part of the reason why “Stare” from HitNRun Phase Two is his current jam. Tane believes this is the song that should be dominating the charts. He adores the shout outs to “Kiss” and “Sexy Dancer” and thinks the song sounds almost like it was pulled straight out of the 80s edition of the vault. Speaking of the 80s, Tane has been hoping for a remaster of Purple Rain and Sign ‘O’ the Times but is also extremely appreciative of this new productive phase of musical output that we are entering.

I’d rather let the music talk while you and me walk into the past.

Listen to “Stare” via Tidal

Purchase “Stare” at the Tidal Download Store

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