Update: There will be 100 more people admitted at the door for $150 cash at each show. First come, first serve. The $150 cover for the 11pm show will include a physical copy of HitNRun Phase Two. If paying at the door, park in the 8pm shuttle lot (listed below).

This week is very exciting for all of us who will be attending the event, but I understand not knowing many details can be stressful. I would love to help alleviate some of that stress by answering your questions to the best of my ability. Although I have attended many shows at Paisley Park in the last few years, each experience is different. That being said, many of my responses will be speculation. Please comment with your questions and concerns, and I will respond as promptly as I can.

Note: I cannot help you get tickets or figure out any of your travel plans for you. I will however consolidate my individual knowledge of the 29 Paisley Park events I have attended thus far and provide well-informed answers.

Q: Will there be a coat check?

A: At previous events, there has periodically been a coat check available. It is sometimes free and sometimes costs a few bucks. The room designated for coat check is very small and will not accommodate 2,000+ coats. At this point, I am unsure of whether they will develop an alternative system/location for checking coats. I usually leave my coat in the car since the walk in is very brief, and it is very warm inside once everyone starts dancing. With the added shuttle situation, the amount of time outside will be a little longer. (The forecast says it will be 21 degrees on Thursday, but I am sure it will be colder in the evening.)

Q: Will we be sitting on the floor?

I am assuming that VIP attendees will be able to sit on couches along the perimeter of the room. Aside from that, it will probably be mostly standing room. At the last performance, where Prince also performed solo on Piano, there were bean bag chairs in the front of the room and high-top tables throughout the remainder of the space. This event was held in the smaller, Love4OneAnother room with far less in attendance. Although Thursday night will undoubtedly be different (as all experiences there are), bean bags and tables may also be available (probably for VIP).

Q: Can I bring my phone in?

A: No! You should leave your phone in your vehicle or hotel room if possible. Additionally, at the last event, they were checking to see if people were wearing smart watches and asked them to return their devices to their cars.

Q: Do I need to bring cash?

A: If you are interested in purchasing food/drink or merchandise, bring as much cash as you are willing to spend. The official Prince twitter account, Prince3EG, has announced that physical copies of HitNRun Phase Two will be available for purchase but pricing has yet to be mentioned. There are usually other current and older t-shirts for sale ranging from $5 to $75. I would recommend bringing a couple hundred dollars if you are interested in purchasing merchandise. For the past few months, there has been an ATM near the entrance but even the Paisley Park staff don’t know how much money is actually in the machine, and there is no guarantee that it will be there for this event. There was also one night where they had a system set up for accepting credit cards for purchase of merchandise, but that was a while back and only the one event.

Q: What sort of drinks/food will be available?

A: They usually have bottled water and various sparkling waters and juices for sale (Izze, La Croix, etc.). The food tends to be soul food such as mac and cheese, and they usually have some dessert items. Prince had been tweeting about cheesecake, so let’s hope! They do not serve alcoholic beverages, and I have seen them turn people away from entering if they are heavily intoxicated upon arrival.

Q: What should I wear?

A: This event is advertised as a gala, so I would advise you to dress to impress. That being said, wear what you feel comfortable in. I have been to events in dresses, jeans, blazers, and pajamas, so wear whatever you wish (within reason; remember this is an all-ages event). Honestly, nobody will care what you’re wearing as long as you can dance and don’t sing the wrong words.

Q: What time will the 11pm show end?

A: We will be on Prince’s time, so it’s really up to him. I have been to shows that have let out at 1am and some that ended at 6:30am. Just make sure you don’t have anywhere to be Friday morning.

Q: I’m going to the 11pm show, so if I understand correctly the shuttle at the address given leaves at 10pm and takes everyone to Paisley and then we wait around an hour there until the 8pm show folks leave?

A: The shuttle will start going to Paisley Park at 10pm, but there will be multiple shuttles going back and forth until the show starts. The last shuttle bringing 8pm attendees back to their lot will be leaving at 10pm. Therefore, I am assuming that you will be let in immediately without having to wait in the cold, but this is simply an assumption. Additionally, I am unsure of what the protocol will be for the majority of us who are attending both shows since there are different lots to park in for each show.

Q: Will there be parking at Paisley? Where does the shuttle pick you up?

There is a parking lot, but I am assuming these spots will be for VIP ticket holders only. The shuttles will be picking attendees up from the Chanhassen Southwest Transit station. There will be separate lots to park in for each show. Those with General Admission tickets will also get their wristbands in these lots before boarding the shuttle. Shuttles will start running an hour prior to each performance. The parking lot addresses for each show are as follows:

Update: Parking location will be the same for both shows: 650 Southwest Village Drive, Chanhassen, MN 55317

Q: How will the shuttle transition between shows work if you are attending both?

Update: A: When checking in for the 8pm show, you will receive wristbands for both shows. Between shows, you will be sent to a designated “waiting area” while 8pm only attendees exit the building. Parking has been consolidated to one lot instead of two at the transit station, so there will not be any issues taking the right shuttle back.




18 thoughts on “Paisley Park 1/21/16 Q&A

  1. I have general admission tickets for both events. Do you think it is likely they will make us leave and then return on the shuttles? Also I have no car so getting between the 2 shuttle pick ups will be tough. Do you think they might do a drop off at the 2nd pick up point after the first show? Plus I’m on my own. Bearing all this in mind I would rather have my phone with me for taxis and any emergency. Do you think they will let people in with but just not allow use? Many thanks.


  2. I’m wondering what people are wearing?? It says it’s a “Gala Event” implying very formal. BUT it’s going to be FREEZING cold and if it’s standing all night how can we handle heels??
    Any thoughts?


    • It is completely dependent on what you feel comfortable in. It will be warm inside Paisley, so I am not letting the weather affect my personal attire. But I am also used to the cold. As far as heels go, I have onr pair that I have worn to Paisley and vigorously danced in for a total of over 80 hours. My feet usually hurt after each party (I was limping for a week after the 3 back to back parties for Phase One), but it is worth it to me. The new carpeting may alleviate some of that discomfort, but it is completely up to you what you choose to wear.


  3. Thanks so much for the information. I’m a little “stressed” about the parking/shuttle situation for both shows but I’m going with the flow! I really need to have my phone with me, but I’ll certainly keep it off.


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