I have seen the question dozens of times over the past couple of days in anticipation for tomorrow night’s Piano and a Microphone Gala at Paisley Park: “What is your dream set list?” I personally love to be surprised and challenged by everything Prince does. All I hope is that he plays what genuinely moves his soul rather than what he thinks people expect him to play. Like he says in Jukebox with a Heartbeat, “Do the people really know what they want if they never hear what they need?” That being said, I have had “Curious Child” in my head all week to get me in the Piano and a Microphone mood. Although the first two-thirds of the track is completely stripped of any piano melodies, it has one of the greatest piano solos in Prince’s discography.

Careless I was to caress thee, yet never regretting the time. The joy that we shared, it was meant to be and not a crime.

These lyrics alone got me through a very rough time in my adolescence. Many people exist with the belief that everything happens for a reason, but I have often struggled with finding solace in this logic. There was a span of a week or so that I listened to this song on repeat before I went to bed every night; the snare rolls and beautiful acoustic guitar melodies opened my mind to new possibilities. By the time the piano billowed into the song, I was ready to be molded into a better version of myself.

If memory serves us, we will align to the truth that we most often share.

Aside from “Curious Child,” I have always wanted to hear Prince perform a ballad version of “Beginning Endlessly.” I’m not one to make requests, so maybe I’ll have to turn it into a ballad myself. Feel free to comment your favorite Prince songs featuring the piano, check out my Prince Piano Jams playlist on Tidal, and be sure to come say hi to me tomorrow night!

In a room full of harlots and fantasy, destiny beckoned us there.

Listen to “Curious Child” via Tidal

Purchase “Curious Child” and the rest of the Emancipation album at the Tidal Download Store

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