Name: Julia Thaxton

Age: 16

Years as a Prince fan: 13

First album: Musicology

Favorite album: The Rainbow Children

Current jam: Xenophobia

Julia may be the youngest Prince fam I have yet to interview, but she is fully emerged in the Prince world. Born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, Julia has had to overcome a lot in her life so far and finds strength in her Christianity. This formidable link to God has made her feel more connected to 3rdeyegirl drummer, Hannah Welton. As a fellow female drummer, Julia has found immense inspiration in Hannah’s ability to hone her craft while doing the same with her faith.

It’s captivating, and it’s addicting. The more I listen, the more I want! -Julia

The discovery of Prince’s music started at an early age for Julia. At 3-years-old, she rummaged through her dad’s album collection and stumbled upon Musicology and The Rainbow Children. Although she continues to grow with Prince’s musical tastes, Julia is still obsessed with these two albums that she describes as “classic.” What astounds Julia about Prince is simple…his passion. Much of the media has used Prince’s fight for independence as a punchline, but Julia cultivates motivation from the stance he took against Warner Brothers Records.

And now, more artists are following in his footsteps. -Julia

This idea of breaking away from the norm, embracing change, and amplifying your passion is why Julia’s current jam is none other than One Nite Alone…Live!’s “Xenophobia.” Her love for funk and jazz music continuously draws her back to this jam, and the immense musicianship and freedom to expand allows her to rediscover the song upon each listen. This song brings joy to both of us when the band is flawlessly goofing around, and you can hear Prince chuckling in the background. When asked to describe why she loves this song, Julia simply said, “I honestly don’t know what else to say; it’s just an overall great song.”

If you can describe it, it ain’t funky.

Julia is currently competing in the Hit Like a Girl female drumming contest, of which Hannah Welton is a judge. This contest focuses on the passions of female percussionists and seeks to encourage a lifelong connection to music. As Prince fams, we are all fully aware of his constant efforts to push women to the front of the music industry through having female musicians in his bands and promoting female artists on social media. As supporters of real music, it is our duty to try to assist in any way we can. One way to get involved is to follow Julia’s Hit Like a Girl street team on Twitter at @Julia_Thaxton and vote for her submission once polls open on March 14th. Showing our support in ways like this not only strengthens young artists’ relationship to music but also expands our horizons by exposing us to new sounds.

We’re not interested in what you know but what you are willing to learn.

Listen to “Xenophobia” via Tidal

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