Name: James Bond

Age: 44

Years as a Prince fan: 29

First album: Sign “☮” the Times

Favorite album: The Chocolate Invasion

Current jam: U Know

Although not a agent of the British Secret Service, this James Bond’s life is also full of travel and romance. He grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia, as a wild-natured role model to his two younger brothers. James’ wife, Janka, is a Slovakian woman who has lived in England, Toronto, and now lives in San Diego with James. On a similar path, James spent 2 years living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Suwon, Korea before he moved to California 16 years ago. After settling for so long, the couple is ready to see more of the world and will be moving to Maui, Hawaii in 4 years. Although possessing a similar personality and lifestyle as the James Bond we all know from the silver screen, this James prefers the funk over the action.

James’ Prince journey manifested in 1987 from a crush who gave him the Sign ‘O’ the Times album. Like all great love affairs, James’ focus became centered on this new-found love for Prince’s music. Being a Prince fan seamlessly melded into James’ identity as he joined the Army in 1991. Back then, James was a rapper who was notorious for throwing parties in the barracks and cooking the best food.

Prince is the kind of artist that even when my expectations aren’t met, he gives me something phenomenal. – James

We can all admit that Prince has done some things throughout his career that have been somewhat annoying to some fans and beloved by others. For instance, James would sometimes be in the mood to listen to just Glam Slam or Lovesexy’s title track, but Prince didn’t want that album to be listened to that way. Even though it drives fans like James crazy, Prince has always stuck to his vision and never strayed from what he believes a piece of art’s final destination should look like. Prince’s love songs are also a prime factor in what keeps James around. Taking hold of the name he was given at birth, James Bond really appreciates the romantic side Prince offers. Prince once said, “thoughts and words breed reality,” and this is a theme that is apparent in James’ life. He believes that music and images have the power to mold life, and he applies this idea to his ventures and uses it to achieve his goals. With this in mind, he often creates motivational playlists that fit a theme, such as the “Better Husband Playlist” shown above.

I have a lot of playlists that I put together with an intention in mind. I choose a goal and then I pick songs that have characteristics, energies, or lyrics that I felt fit. – James

Many people have the mindset that Prince is a very secretive, mysterious person, but James is firm on his belief that the exact opposite is true. He personally has 2.5 days worth of Prince material on his iTunes, and knows that each second of that material is packed with honesty and vulnerability. Instead of divulging every aspect of his personal life on social media or in tabloids, Prince exposes a lot of his inner workings in lyrics and melodies. This element of raw emotion is something that cannot be duplicated to the extent that Prince has presented to us.

That man has poured a lot of time into creating new material – a lot of life in making new songs. Then his touring, mentoring and creating for others. Statements on the industry, commentary of social issues; that’s my kind of artist, and I would love to hear who people honestly think compares to him. – James

James’ favorite song of all time is a song that he considers the greatest love song of all time: Adore. His current jam, on the other hand, is another great love song but with a different energy that James really connects with. U Know is a beautiful tale of being able to treat a woman with the respect she deserves. This unifying theme of love in the Prince catalog is much like his fan base. We are a large collective of diverse individuals who all share what James refers to as a “vibration.” It encompasses each of us in a different way, but brings us together in unity in a way that is very hard to describe if you’ve never experienced it for yourself.

And as a matter of fact, I would have gave you back, but then he had a heart attack when you made him pack and said his shack without you would be better.

Listen to “U Know” via Tidal

Purchase “U Know” and the rest of the Art Official Age album at the Tidal Download Store

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