With Prince’s latest Piano and a Microphone Tour, it seems he is finally accepting the moon as his truest soulmate. He has often spoken of the moon in his songs in ways which help us define their intimate interactions. Many instances mention the moon simply as a bystander who bears witness to his romantic relationships. There was a point where the acknowledgement of the moon’s presence turned into infatuation, and in some cases even a competition with Prince’s love interests for his relentless attention. In recent years, Prince has lived as though he has become one with the moon. He celebrates its prominent nights with music at Paisley Park, parades around on stage wearing moon-infused tunics, and has shared art with us which merges their existence. Children grow up hearing stories of princes and princesses, but the ultimate tale of adoration is that which continues to unfold between the moon and a musician.

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The Mix


Love Bizarre

Call My Name

Sign ‘O’ the Times


Glam Slam*


Moonbeam Levels*

Slow Love

The Sun, the Moon, and Stars

One Song*


Under the Cherry Moon

U’re Gonna C Me

The Max


Ain’t Gon’ Miss U When Ur Gone*

The Arms of Orion


She Spoke 2 Me

The Morning Papers

Lady Cab Driver

Billy Jack Bitch

Dance 4 Me

Strays of the World

Old Friends 4 Sale


The United States of Division*

The Grand Progression*

Listen to The Digital Gardens’ Moon Mix on Tidal

*Track not available on Tidal version of the Moon Mix. Feel free to integrate this playlist into your personal collection with the entirety of the track list.

Featured photo edit by Danny L’Amour. For more amazing art and insight, follow @thedannylamour.

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