“Time is a trick,” Prince often lectures. It is meant to be manipulated and doubted, but most of society depends on time to maintain its methodical form. Structure has never been something that Prince willingly adheres to. He is a living definition of unity but with a burning passion which will never be compromised by the expectations of others. He believes that art is meant to challenge its audiences and continuously morph into something new. To Prince, time follows these same guidelines; it is forever changing and is not meant to be systematically caged. His lyrics are often contemplative about the notion of time but rarely without questioning its existence. I have often experienced the absence of time inside Paisley Park, for Prince doesn’t allow concepts as binding as this to lurk within the world he has created.

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The Mix



Let’s Go Crazy


Don’t Play Me

Madrid 2 Chicago*

Circle of Amour

Da, Da, Da

Into the Light

Around the World in a Day

3rd Eye



The Greatest Romance Ever Sold

Poom Poom

The Ladder

One Kiss at a Time


When I Lay My Hands on U

Still Would Stand All Time

The Grand Progression*

The Holy River

Van Gough*

Silver Tongue*

The Same December

Welcome 2 the Dawn



The Truth

Get On the Boat

Listen to The Digital Gardens’ Time Tracks on Tidal

*Track not available on Tidal version of the Time Tracks. Feel free to integrate this playlist into your personal collection with the entirety of the track list.

Featured photo edit by Danny L’Amour. For more amazing art and insight, follow @thedannylamour.


Where you are now is a place that does not require time.

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