Many Prince fams have been struggling to deal with their grief while juggling the added stress of various media outlets working around the clock to heavily taint Prince’s image. In fact, I was one of those people until May 16th, when I had the honor of attending the memorial service at the Kingdom Hall Prince attended. Experiencing this talk about Prince’s faith made me feel lighter. I have yet to know the peace that comes with understanding what will happen to me when I die, but Prince knew!

When everybody calls the truth by a different name and the indifference between us still remains, God is Love, Love is God, simple and plain. Partying this way, there’s so much more to gain.

Prince would ask questions like, “why do turtles live 200 years, trees live thousands, but humans only live 70 or 80?” And he found the answer. Those 70 or 80 years, or in his case 57, are only the beginning of your soul’s journey. He knew that Jesus would come back to Earth and call his name to awaken him, just as he did with Lazarus. And Prince was excited to experience this. Although we are in pain because of this somewhat bleak future without him in it, he no longer is subjected to the suffering this world has to offer.

I didn’t feel this sense of ease right away. A few hours later, I saw a news blurb scroll by during a TV program: “Prince’s toxicology report may contain all the answers.” But I already have all the answers I need. And the beautiful thing is, Prince gave me those answers.

When confusion tries to tear your world apart and the demons fight for power, that’s the time you’ve got to listen to your heart. No one knows the final hour.

New Power Soul is my favorite Prince album of all time, and I am a sucker for any song with the bari sax in it, so I am naturally drawn to songs like “Freaks on this Side.” But it brought me so much comfort before and after the memorial, and I hope it will do the same for anyone reading this. Prince’s music contains all the healing power we need to deal with our grief without getting sucked into the controversy the media is trying so hard to stir up.

When everything you know ain’t enough to float your boat, and you’re looking for something that’ll take you higher, you got to get down.

Listen to “Freaks on this Side” via Tidal

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