Not to sound cosmic, but I’ve made plans for the next 3,000 years.  Before, it was only three days at a time. – Prince, 1996

When looking back at Prince’s entire career, it becomes abundantly clear that his music will last forever. But what’s in “forever?” Prince had the ability to create an eternity within every note. How do you define forever with only a few songs when it was an infinite concept in Prince’s life and beyond? He didn’t limit his talent to genre, subject matter, popular opinion, or time. With that in mind, we have selected songs for this mix that were released between 1977 and 2016 to attempt to honor his entire career. Prince captured an eternity in his music, and we can all live in the “forever” he created at our leisure.

Do not fear, for in the distance, twelve souls from now, you and me will still be here. We will still be here. – Prince, 7

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The Mix


Acknowledge Me

We March

When Eye Lay My Hands On U



The Max

Let’s Go Crazy

Forever in my life

Planet Earth

Beautiful Strange

My Love is Forever

It’s Gonna Be Lonely

I Rock, Therefore I Am

The Sun, the Moon, and Stars

We Can Work It Out*

Black Muse

Van Gough*


Empty Room

Future Baby Mama

Muse 2 the Pharaoh

3 Chains O’ Gold

Listen to The Digital Gardens’ 4EVER Mix on Tidal

*Track not available on Tidal version of the 4EVER Mix. Feel free to integrate this playlist into your personal collection with the entirety of the track list.

Featured photo edit by Danny L’Amour. For more amazing art and insight, follow @thedannylamour.


I laid down in the grass trying to feel the world turn. – Prince, Moonbeam Levels

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6 thoughts on “4EVER Mix

  1. Danny, I really like this. He was never governed by time. The length of his songs, the space between the notes (… ), when to release an album… I shall listen to this playlist this weekend. I haven’t even begun to talk about your artwork. Very nice. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I think Prince would have loved it. X


    • You will be loved 4 Eva in our hearts mind soul body and spirits! I wish I could have made music with you! Instead I will cover your songs in my band! In memory of you ! I will play your songs to pass on to the youth! 1 Love Prince 4 eternity! Yours truly Ghost2DaBoogee! Prom me 2 with a phrienly Boo!


  2. This is amazing, thank you so much. It’s been so hard to even think that he’s gone, I’m devastated and totally in denial. ‘In my head … every word he said … ‘ What a brilliant artist and human being. His music has been in rotation on my iPod since April (he was always on my playlist anyway) but now there’s been so much live stuff released on YouTube it’s been incredible to see and hear those performances, what a masterful, emotive musician. No one so expressive on the planet. His guitar playing is sublime, I loved him getting his Hendrix on and some. I could go on and on but I’ll stop now! Thank you again,.

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  3. Your posts are always gorgeous. Love the DG 4ever Mix 🙂 Samantha, great job as always. His catalog is so vast, but the themes he used tended to repeat, even in small, behind the scenes ways. He knew he’d live 4ever in our lives 🙂


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