One of my advertising professors recently wrote music off as a medium that is simply in the background while we, as a society, engage with a “more meaningful” activity. Although this digital world is one which constantly demands us to divide our attention, I am still able to engage with music in a way that nurtures my well being.

My coworkers often tease me for saying, “this is my jam!” more frequently than I probably should when my favorite Prince songs come on. Although I do have many “jams” that affect me in a substantial way, it is not a consistent list from day to day. I usually only connect deeply with one song at a time. I am hoping to share these connections with you and encourage you to think of music in a new light.

One of my good friends tells me that I’m the only Prince fan he knows who loves him not for his 80s music. That being said, if you are a “fam” who is frequently caught saying things like, “Prince’s new music is great, but I wish he would go back to ______,” this is not the right blog for you to be reading. I am passionate about Prince’s music because he constantly challenges me musically as well as intellectually in regard to important issues surrounding various facets of life.

Just because music is constantly in the background doesn’t mean that it can’t be engaged with. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “stop and smell the roses?” Just because our record collections have migrated to a digital setting doesn’t mean that we can’t dust our favorite tracks off once in a while. The best gardens have variety, with gorgeous flowers, as well as thorns and thistles. A good friend of mine recently told me, “It’s truly wonderful that you always speak your truth and even more that you can take it when someone gives it right back. You’re not all roses but always a glowing garden.” I hope to share meaningful, thought provoking, or just feel-good songs with you that parallel this notion of building an ecosystem that can sustain life and never leave you unsatisfied.

Please contact Samantha@thedigitalgardens.com with any inquiries.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I am loving this Samantha. I know you will have much to write about and hope you include your own sax playing. I am looking forward to what you will share with us in the future. Being a Prince fam is only one facet of the awesome young woman you are. Love you.


  2. Hi – I ordered three CDs today, hours ago…no confirmation email until now…. What’s going wrong here???
    Do I have to lock my creditcard now???


  3. Samantha.
    This is fantastic news on the Phase Two release.
    Was wondering if your going to be offering any cheaper postage rate for Canada in the near future?



  4. Thank you very much for the quick reply.
    That would be great and very considerate of you to update any information you require in the future about any Canadian distributor.
    Take Care.


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