Julia Thaxton/Xenophobia

Name: Julia Thaxton

Age: 16

Years as a Prince fan: 13

First album: Musicology

Favorite album: The Rainbow Children

Current jam: Xenophobia

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January 2016 Gala Weekend

There are few places in this universe that truly exude compassion the way Paisley Park does. This is the one place that epitomizes Prince; a place where the amount of love leaves no space for any sense of time. Although I have spent much of the past few years within those walls, I have never been able to transform my emotions into concrete thoughts until now. At previous shows, people have asked me to recall the set list, but providing a list of songs has never captured the experience. It isn’t about the songs that were played but rather the transfer of energy between individuals. The ability to feel free, even if only for a moment, is a much richer experience than trying to remember every little detail. I am simply writing in an attempt to extend this feeling to those who were not in attendance by sharing the connections created from the energy one generous man was willing to emit.

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Paisley Park 1/21/16 Q&A

Update: There will be 100 more people admitted at the door for $150 cash at each show. First come, first serve. The $150 cover for the 11pm show will include a physical copy of HitNRun Phase Two. If paying at the door, park in the 8pm shuttle lot (listed below).

This week is very exciting for all of us who will be attending the event, but I understand not knowing many details can be stressful. I would love to help alleviate some of that stress by answering your questions to the best of my ability. Although I have attended many shows at Paisley Park in the last few years, each experience is different. That being said, many of my responses will be speculation. Please comment with your questions and concerns, and I will respond as promptly as I can.

Note: I cannot help you get tickets or figure out any of your travel plans for you. I will however consolidate my individual knowledge of the 29 Paisley Park events I have attended thus far and provide well-informed answers.

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