Prince Fam Jams

Meet some of the music lovers I have had the pleasure of chatting with and learn about their favorite jams! If you’re interested in being featured in this section, email me at!

Fam #10: Taylor Coleman/Raspberry Beret

Fam #9: James Bond/U Know

Fam #8: Julia Thaxton/Xenophobia

Fam #7: Tane McManus/Stare

Fam #6: Chris Johnson/Revelation

Fam #5: Michael Ware/Groovy Potential

Fam #4: Jay Ashford-Scott/HARDROCKLOVER

Fam #3: Suzy “Six” Clay/Black Muse

Fam #2: Nadia J. Trammell/AnotherLove

Fam #1: Samantha McCarroll-Hyne/Poom Poom


3 thoughts on “Prince Fam Jams

  1. My friend Hailie Davis is gonna fill out those questions. Would really appreciate if you added mine and hers on here once she sends it 2 U. 🙂


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