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Over the years, Prince has taught us all a lot about ourselves. I personally learned to always pursue my passions and be empowered to make a living for myself in my own way. When the initial tribute started on the fence at Paisley Park, I didn’t add anything because nothing physical seemed to compare to all he gave me. When those contributions were taken down and archived on May 20th, I felt this sort of emptiness. This feeling motivated me to create like I never have before, all for the sake of remembering a man who taught me so much about life and love. Now, I am making this homage to his memory available to the public in the form of poster prints. All the lyrics used in these pieces of art are Prince’s own, many of which flow through my brain uncontrollably on a daily basis. The one exception to this is the piece “January 21,” which contains quotes from the Piano & a Microphone kick-off show on January 21, 2016 at Paisley Park Studios. These pieces of art are very dear to me, and I’m hoping they will have the same impact for others. Click the image below to start placing your order.

If purchasing all 5 posters, use the discount code FULLSERIES at checkout to receive a $50 discount.

BeFunky CollagewithText

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